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Your horse vs. the flat fly

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Hippoboscidae, also called flat fly, is a blood-feeding type of insect. There is our issue with them… In order to feed themselves with their host’s blood, this fly needs to bite and to remain stuck to your horse, generating pain and inconvenience.

You must know that the flat fly lives almost permanently on your horse. Even with being slow, they remain tenacious insects thanks to their claws, that allows them to keep hanging on the horse. The flat flies’ presence can quickly become invasive and thus create a source of stress or irritation for horses.

Why the flat fly can be dangerous

The flat fly can start and end its life cycle of the horse. Adult flies live on the animal and, even if they often eject their eggs on the ground, once they hatch, it is soon their turn to come and bother your horse to feed themselves.

The flat fly thrives the horse’s areas that are well irrigated, warm, and difficult to reach. That is why they often can be found in the perineal area, around the anus or behind the horse’s testicles.

The flat fly can be dangerous for your horse, as they can be the vectors or diseases because of their hematophagous behaviors. So you might want to get rid of these parasites in order to preserve your horse’s health.

How do we get rid of the flat fly?

It can get pretty difficult to remove them… this insect that has a strong shell, that can resist to the horse’s hoof and tail kicks. However, can’t resist to the human’s nails, and we can even capture them thanks to glue strips quite easily. 

Other solutions exist, such as covering the horse’s target areas with thick oil, to avoid the bites. Of course, you also can use flat fly repellents.

Whatever solution you find, it will help your horse relax. If your horse is facing flat flies for the first time, he may get irritated, especially if you try to touch the sensitive areas to catch the insects. In the end, it will be a great relief for him, and he will let you help more easily the following time.

The Emouchine range offers you many solutions: whether it be in spray or soundless applications, you necessarily will find the perfect fit for your horse, to ensure cool summer for him and you.

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Amélie Henry
Amélie Henry
Chef de marque Ravene