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To bathe your horse without showering yourself: is it even possible?

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Summer is here and the days are getting warmer… During this time, you probably spend a lot of time showering your horse to get him to cool down a bit. And so, as any rider, you most likely know the dilemma most of us are facing: bathing your horse without getting a shower yourself: is it truly possible?

I mean, we all know that horse that never stays put, ends up stepping on the hose, pulls on the lead rope, wants to play with water or just can’t wait to shake it all off. Often times, both end up as wet as the other! Anyways, with the current 35 C degrees we’re not that mad about it ^^

I offer you a few of my best horse showering tips for this season:

  • Go easy! Horses’ bodies are warm, especially if they are in a field or paddock, more or less in the sun. Start with the legs and make your way progressively to the neck and shoulders. You can then go towards the back and finish by the loin and croup.
  • Don’t forget the sweat scraper! If you leave your horse soaked without scraping off the excess water, the water will stay between the skin and the hair and will get warm with the ambient heat. It will then have the opposite effect of what was intended: getting the horse warm instead of freshened up.
  • If the horse stays in a box, make him walk in in the shade.

What about a shampoo?

It’s the perfect time to enjoy applying a nice shampoo all over your horse’s body! We offer three types of shampoo:

EASY SHINE SHAMPOO: Easy Shine’s classic

EASY SHINE GREY: Specifically designed for light or grey horses

EMOUCHINE SHAMPOO: Treatment shampoo

I also take this opportunity to remind you that the horse’s epidermis is thinner than ours and has a less acidic pH. It is thus preferable to rather used suited products that will respect their sensitive skin and reduce skin reactions. All Ravene products are specifically designed for horses.

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Amélie Henry
Amélie Henry
Chef de marque Ravene