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A passion for excellence

It is in Normandy, in the heart of the Pays d’Auge, land of horses and more specifically breeding, that Haras de Clarbec develops its numerous activities. It is home to a top-level competition stable of which Sultane des Ibis, winner of the Bordeaux Grand Prix CSI5*, is today the flagship. About twenty young horses aged from 4 to 7 years old fill the competition stable. Haras de Clarbec also has a dozen or so broodmares selected for their origins and athletic performances at the highest international jumping level. Moreover, the Stud has developed a breeding business, offering about twenty stallions in their catalogue, including the renowned Vagabond de la Pomme, Emerald, Casallo Z, Don VHP Z, Topinambour…


Geneviève Mégret, an iconic figure for equestrian sports

Represented by Geneviève Mégret, Haras de Clarbec demonstrates her passion for high-level sport, and above all horses. A horse-lover at heart and a high level show jumper, Geneviève is now an iconic figure in the equestrian world. She is the owner of many horses that have progressed to the highest level, including the horses of one of our ambassadors: Camille Condé Ferreira (Air Force Gem, Varenta Gem, Chiara Gem, Egerie du Val de Geer, Corrado du Moulin).

“I am very committed to the well-being of my horses. I am therefore delighted with this partnership with Ravene which seeks to develop a wide range of products and equipment to improve the everyday quality of life of horses while striving for athletic performance. Sharing your values is a very exciting challenge!” Geneviève Mégret.

Geneviève Mégret and the excellent Sultane des Ibis, today’s flagship of the Haras de Clarbec.

A trio unified by shared values

This partnership strengthens the relationships between Laboratoire Ravene and its ambassadors by directly including the owner of these exceptional horses. The “Healthcare partner – Rider – Owner” exchanges assures wonderful sharing moments with one common focus: the well-being of horses.
Ravene Laboratory places horses at the heart of its activities and aims to protect their daily well-being and serenity, through formulas developed by experts and practical, easy-to-use products, in order to preserve the wonderful Human-Horse relationship. With one cosmetic, one insect control, hoof maintenance and care, food supplements and external care range… the horses at Haras de Clarbec now enjoy all Ravene products to care for their daily needs!

“Our products are intended for all types of horses, whether they are young or old, sport or leisure horses… We give a lot of attention to our users’ feedback, making sure that our range’s developements best meet their needs. The fact that we get to exchange knowledge with riders and owners performing at the highest level allows us to benefit from their experience, which we naturally take into account in our researches. It’s exciting! Moreover, accompanying Camille Condé-Ferreira for now many years, we are extremely pleased to welcome Geneviève Mégret to the Ravene Team. I find this trio – unified around the well-being of horses – truly wonderful!” Amélie Henry, Ravene brand manager.

The whole Ravene team would like to thank Geneviève Mégret and Haras de Clarbec for their trust.

Memories from the 1993 French Championships...

Thanks to Geneviève for this superb memory with her “champion mare” Quirielle du Riou at the 1993 French Championships

Spring/summer 2020

Haras de Clarbec foals 2020

Spring/summer 2020

Haras de Clarbec foals 2020

Spring/summer 2020

Haras de Clarbec foals 2020

July 2020 - Canteleu

What a pleasure to receive this type of photo! Part of our Ravene team: Geneviève Mégret accompanied by Camille Condé-Ferreira and Olivier Robert, who is also a Ravene rider.
Geneviève is an owner of top class horses, some of which are ridden by Camille.
A beautiful partnership “Rider – Owner – Healthcare partner”!

September 2020

The International Happy Jump event in Canteleu brought together three of our Ravene ambassadors.

We are delighted to see Camille, Alexandra & Geneviève together!

Geneviève Mégret is the owner of Corrado du Moulin, who competed under the saddle of Camille last weekend and finished clear in the 1.50 m event.