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Talent, ambition, discipline!

Passionate from an early age, Gaëlle began competing at a young age with a Shetland pony. In 2011, Gaëlle acquired a 4-year-old KWPN gelding that she took to CIC** level. She is currently competing with this same horse in Eventing, as well as Show Jumping, Dressage and Hunter. Talented and ambitious, this young rider has not ceased to surprise us in all of these disciplines…!



First appearance in the French Championships, in Lamotte Beuvron, on a Shetland pony! Gaëlle was just 12 years old.


In competition with her pony, Hoasis


Hunter award ceremony at the French Championships in Lamotte Beuvron, with Lolita d’Izartxo

September 2011

Acquisition of Chup a Chup SB, here at 4 years old in training with Didier Dhennin in Saumur.


3rd place in the final for 5-year-old horses at Pompadour (Eventing)


3rd in the final for 6-year-old horses at Pompadour (Awarded each time)

Show jumping: Clear rounds in the 110 cm and 115 cm preliminary events


5th place at the Fontainebleau Amateur Elite Meeting des Propriétaires

Winner of Amateur Elite Eventing, Sandillon

CIC* Lignières-en-Berry

Show jumping up to 125 cm

Hunter class: 120 cm


CCI* Crazy Ride, Fontainebleau

Winner of the Amateur Elite Eventing, Mourmelon

Regional runner-up in hunter at Jardy

CCI* Haras du Pin

8th place in the “Enseignants” Championships in Eventing, Saumur

6th place 120 cm and 125 cm GP, Liverdy

5th in Amateur Elite Eventing, Mourmelon

19th place in the CIC* at Jardy

6th at Vernoil in Elite Eventing

3rd at Sandillon in Elite Eventing


Training of the young Balzac de Belebat


Show Jumping: Amateur Elite Pro2

Winner of Amateur 1 Dressage

(13) Runner-up in the Amateur Elite French National Hunter Championship at Lamotte Beuvron

7th in the Top of Creif, Paris Horse Show, Amateur Elite 130 cm


A very good start to the Pro3 season! Not long for Pro2…!

April 2017

Pro 3 at Bonneville

May 2017

A magnificent 5th place for their first CIC**!!!

June 2017

Gaëlle & Chup a Chup competing in the CIC** at the Royal Jump de Bertichères. A very good performance for a second event at this level!

Septembre 2017

Gaëlle & Chup a Chup take 22nd place in the Pro2 French Championship at Lamotte Beuvron! Well done to both of them beginning at this competition level!

March 2018

Gaëlle & Chup a Chup were in training at the Ecuries du Bois de la Noue stables last Thursday through the Val-d’Oise department equestrian Committee (CDEVO) with Stanislas de Zuchowicz, an international ***/**** eventing rider with multiple performances in the European and World championships.
Working on Chup’s balance on a small, fixed obstacle course.
A short message from Gaëlle: “As always a big thank you to Ravene for the physical support that their products bring to horses”

April 2018

Start of the season in Mourmelon. A maximum double clear for the pair!

May 2018

October 2018

Gaëlle and Chup a Chup become French Champions in Lamotte, at the National des enseignants!

June 2019

Chup a Chup is settling in for the Royal Jump de Bertichères CCI***

July 2019

Bronze medal for Gaëlle and Chup a Chup at the French Championships in Hunter elite, in Compiègne!