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Audrey Georget

Youngest Ravene Team member!

At just 12 years old, Audrey is Team Ravene’s youngest recruit . In the saddle since the age of 3, she began competing in 2013. She will progress this year to P1/P élite accompanied by Twin Blue.


Bronze medal at the Normandy Regional Championship and silver medal at the Orne Department Championship. A1 French Team Championship: 10th/68.


Orne Champion and Normandy Champion in P3B, Department Champion in P2B. French Team Championship in P3D: 7th/64.


13th/95 at the French Championships in P1D, 2nd rider in her category, Ile de France.


13 clear rounds in P2, 2nd in the Haras du Pin TDA, French Championship in P2.

August 2016

First competition with her new partner: Twin Blue

January 2017

A superb start to the 2017 season with a victory in the P1 of the TDA in Le Mans followed by a magnificent clear round and 12th place for their first ever P élite TDA in Saint-Lo.

July 2017



After an initial clear round, Audrey & Twin Blue signed off on a second round with 4 points, an excellent round with the best time for 4 points! The youngest couple in Team Ravene finished in 38th place / 104 in this first championship together.

A great season which ended in style! A moment of rest now for Twin before tackling the AS 2 next season…

August 2017

A moment of rest for Twin Blue! On the agenda: games, hugs, unlimited grass, and above all plenty of HAPPY SWEET treats!!!

October 2017

Audrey and Twin Blue on their first ever AS pony 2 D Grand Prix!

March 2018

A wonderful clear round with Twin Blue at the Republican Guard…

March 2018

And with her new horse, Very Gold, as well!

May 2018

Another great clear round at Val-de-Reuil for Audrey and Very Gold, a couple in the making getting to know each other.

July 2018

The last French Championships for Twin Blue and Audrey!

May 2019

Audrey and Very Gold repeat their ranges and do a series of good rounds!

June 2019

Audrey Georget & Very Gold are in the big league! Now very comfortable at this competition level, they had a clear round in the Haras du Pin 110 cm preliminary event followed by 4 points in the Grand Prix resulting from a magnificent round!

Next point of call for them: 115 cm preliminary event at the Boulerie jump in Le Mans.

What a pleasure for the Ravene team to see Audrey’s progress, having followed her since her pony debut!


July 2020

Audrey & Very Gold often wear their My Ravene outfit with pride.