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Deep protection and nourishment

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Produit PEDIGARD BLACK OINTMENT gamme Hoof care and maintenanceProduit PEDIGARD BLACK OINTMENT gamme Hoof care and maintenance


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Deep protection and nourishment

The hoof is the protective envelope of the horse’s foot internal structures. Its wall is made of a rigid horn which retains a certain flexibility and mobility essential for shock absorption.
PEDIGARD Black Ointment helps to strengthen the horn while preserving its elasticity.
Bay laurel oil, rich in lauric acid makes the horn more flexible.
Nourishing beeswax – rich in Vitamin A – also has a waterproofing effect. It retains water in the foot, to fight against dryness, and acts as a barrier against external aggressions.
This barrier is strengthened by vegetable carbon, whose porosity gives it the ability to absorb external agents. Flexible and protected, the foot regains all of its biomechanical properties.

Formats disponibles :

  • 2.5L
  • 750ML

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Conseils & Mode d’emploi


Mode d’emploi

Apply PEDIGARD Black ointment to the outer wall of the foot during grooming. You can also apply it to the sole and frog, as long as they are perfectly dry and healthy. Close tightly after use.

It is possible to split the care of the top (outer wall) and bottom (sole and frog) of the foot, and even highly advised in some cases. In the event of even slight alterations or excessive moisture on the sole and frog, it is best to apply PEDIFLEX fluid oil. The latter revitalises the horn, while allowing moisture to escape. If the frogs are too damaged, apply PEDICADE to the frogs and heel bulbs.


Vaseline, Paraffine, Beeswax, Bay laurel oil, Vegetable carbon.

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