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A genuine barrier against moisture

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Produit PEDIBLOK gamme Hoof care and maintenanceProduit PEDIBLOK gamme Hoof care and maintenance


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A genuine barrier against moisture

PEDIBLOK ensures the protection of the sole and frog during wet weather. Application of Norway tar to the underside of the foot creates a genuine barrier against moisture, protecting it from external aggressions.

The fluidity of PEDIBLOK ensures optimal adherence and its integrated brush offers convenient application. PEDIBLOK does not freeze in winter because it is not diluted with water.


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Conseils & Mode d’emploi


Mode d’emploi

Apply PEDIBLOCK to the bottom of the foot (sole and frog) prior to exposing the foot to moisture. PEDIBLOCK must be applied to a clean and dry foot.
With a foot already damaged by moisture, choose PEDIFLEX and/or PEDICADE to cleanse the foot while allowing the moisture to escape. Once the foot is cleansed, use PEDIBLOK. Do not forget the outer wall of the foot with our PEDIGARD honey-colour and black ointments.


Pine-based vegetable tar

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