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For everyday fitness !

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Produit NUTRILIFE + gamme Feed supplementsProduit NUTRILIFE + gamme Feed supplements


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For everyday fitness !

NUTRILIFE + provides your horse with all of the required essential micro-elements (minerals, vitamins, amino acids…) to balance the ration, maximising vitality and physical condition.

A daily horse ration – in general, hay and pellets or cereals – provides the necessary calories and fibre, but lacks vitamins and minerals. These micro-elements are however essential for health.

Enriched with yeast and equipped with a carefully calculated ratio of omega-3 and 6, NUTRILIFE + is ideal for optimising the metabolism of your horse: it provides calcium and phosphorous, 2 essential minerals for strong bones, vitamin E and C as well as selenium.

It is difficult to guarantee a basic daily ration rich in vitamins and minerals, this is why the greatest horse professionals use supplements such as NUTRILIFE +


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Tips & user guide


User guide

Nutrilife+ is presented in the form of tasty pellets. Mix up to 90 g per day or 1 full scoop per day into the daily ration of your horse. One 2.7 kg bucket will last for 30 days. Nutrilife+ contains no doping ingredients.


Feed supplement for horses

Dicalcium phosphate, sugar beet molasses, Lithothamnion, sodium chloride, brewer’s yeast, magnesium oxide, flaxseed oil, fenugreek (Trigonella Foenum-graecum), Artichoke (Cynara scolymus), flowers of sulphur, Stinging nettle (Urtica dioica), seaweed.
Additives (mg) per 1 kg:
– 3a- Vitamins, provitamins and substances having a similar effect: 3a890 choline (HCL) 1,250 mg, 3a700 vitamin E 1 250 IU, 3a672a vitamin A 500 000 IU, 3a831 vitamin B6 200 mg, vitamin B1 180 mg, E 671 vitamin D3 60 000 IU, E300 vitamin C 50 mg, vitamin B12 1 mg
– 3b- Trace elements: E6 zinc (oxide) 8,500 mg, E5 manganese (oxide) 3,000 mg, E4 copper (sulphate)  2,500 mg, E1 iron (sulphate) 2,500 mg, E8 selenium 30 mg, E2 iodine 20 mg, 3b802 cobalt 15 mg
– 3c-  Amino acids: 3c301 DL methionine 3,000 mg, 3.2.1.lysine 2,400 mg, 3.3.1 L-threonine 2,000 mg, 3.4.1 tryptophan 820 mg
– Technological : 1m558i Bentonite clay 30,000 mg
Analytical constituents : moisture < 10%, crude ash 64%, calcium 20%, sodium 2.2%, total sugars 8%, magnesium 2.5, sulphur 2%, phosphorus 4%, Omega-3 1.5%, Omega-6 0.5%

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