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Energizing sweets !

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Produit HAPPY SWEET gamme TreatsProduit HAPPY SWEET gamme Treats


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Energizing sweets !

Your horse deserves the best treats. That’s why Happy Sweet offers the best of nutritious foods in the form of tasty and easy-to-digest sweets.

Happy Sweet treats are full of vitamins and convenient to give thanks to their long cylindrical shape!

The treats have a very pleasant aroma and do not crumble.


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Conseils & Mode d’emploi


Mode d’emploi

Take a sweet and hold out your hand flat to give it to the horse. Reseal the bag tightly and keep away from heat and moisture.


Wheat, Barley, Corn, Lucerne, Syrup, Dextrose , Wheat our, Milk poder, Linseeds, Soya, Salt, Magnesium oxide, Aroma. Additives (/kg): -2a – Aromatic
substances: Rosmarinus o cinalis 21mg, -2b – Vitamin, Provitamin, Substances with similar e ect: E672 Vitamin A 21 000 UI, E671 Vitamin D3 3750 UI, E306 Vitamin E 330 UI, -3b – Trace element: E1 Iron 276mg, E6 Zinc (Oxide) 207mg, E5 Manganese (Oxide) 93mg, E4 Copper 38mg, E2 Iodine 1,7mg, 3b302 Cobalt 1,7mg, E8 Selenium 0,5mg, – Technological: Fruit aroma 1000 mg. Analytical constituents: Humidity < 10 %, Raw proteins 10 %, Raw fats 3,2 %, Raw ashes 7,2 %, Raw cellulose 3,6 %, sodium 0,6%. This product contains some cobalt, protective measures should be taken to avoid the exposure to the cobalt by inhalation and dermic way.

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