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Anxious and stressed horses

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Produit BECOOL FLASH gamme Feed supplementsProduit BECOOL FLASH gamme Feed supplements


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Anxious and stressed horses

Competitions and transportation can be stressful situations for your horse. Enriched with plants, BECOOL provides your horse with the nutritional elements that it needs to maintain emotional balance (tryptophan, magnesium…).

BECOOL has no effect on athletic performance.

This format in oral syringe form allows you to administer the product whenever and wherever. Also discover the 500 ml liquid format right here.


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Conseils & Mode d’emploi


Mode d’emploi

Pour the contents of the syringe directly into the mouth of the horse 1 hour before the stressful event. If necessary, also administer the night before.


Magnesium chloride, Angelica Archangelica root extract, monopropylene glycol/ Additives (per litre): 2b- Flavouring compounds: apricot-peach flavouring 5,270 mg. 3c- Amino acids, their salts and analogues: 3c440 tryptophan 410 670 mg. Analytical constituents: moisture 43.6%, crude protein 29.6%, crude oils and fats 0.48%, crude ash 5.2%, calcium 0%, sodium 0.06%, potassium 0.23%, sugars 4.4%, magnesium 2.8%.

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